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    Яндекс цитирования

    Nickel wire DKRNT (C-DRNH) 0,025 KT NP2 GOST2179-75

          Our enterprise is a representative of Russian wore producing company. At present we are supplying nickel wire NP2 with 0,025 mm diameter. Reference character according to Russian standards DKRNT 0,025 KT NP2 GOST 2179-75 is an analogous to Item # 40672 in Aifa-Aesar, Johnson Mattey Company catalogue.


    D – Cold-deformed;


    N – Normal precision production;

    T – Hard

    0,025 – Wire diameter, мм;

    KTin coils;

    NP2 – Nickel alloy mark

           Nickel content in wire (Ni) is from 99, 83%   and above.

           Wire is spooled to aluminum coils (wire net weight in coil is from 6, 0 up to 80, 0 gram). Coils are packed in transparent plastic containers. Containers are sealed with TASC stamps (Testing Analytic-Sertified Centre) GIREDMET «GAC/68» that provides for wire safety at storage and transporting.

         Possibility to deliver up to 20 kg monthly.

           The sphere of wire usage is microelectronics production area, microelectronic components production, mocrowelding, electrical engineering. Wire is used for production of more precise medical equipment, navigation, television and in other types of precise production.

          At present the wire is used also as a financial tool.

           Our stock has the following available items: sealed containers with wire (TASC GIREDMET), GIREDMET certificates in Russian and English languages, sampling protocols, production certificates.

          One gram of wire contains 227 running meters.  

         Our enterprise sales described above production on contract price per 1 gram, including VAT. The inquiry about the current price can be made in the site menu Contact Us.


    Please, click this link to download a small video film (size 35Mb.) view and package of nickel wire GOST 2179-75



    Copies of certificates for nickel wire GOST 2179-75