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"Ural-Apex" SPA CC

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    About us

    "Ural-Apex" Scientific Production Association Closed Corporation ("Ural-Apex" SPA CC) was created and registered in January 28, 1998. "Ural-Apex" SPA CC office is located in Chelaybinsk Region, Snezhinsk city that is a “closed administrative-territorial formation”. Russian Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC VNIITF) is located in Snezhinsk city.

       Owing to the experience of former nuclear-weapon complex engineers  "Ural-Apex" SPA CC scientific work is mainly focused on promotion of modern technologies deep raw materials processing technologies (wood, stone, metal) with complete production release. Production infrastructure peculiarity of Ural-Siberian region makes us to pay attention to the technologies that are able to function reliably in hard market economy conditions and make profit.   

         Our main goals are the following:


              -  Implementation of science intensive technologies to different industry branches;

              - Satisfaction of public, enterprises, companies goods and service needs ;

              - Creation of new working places in our city.



    The other actual "Ural-Apex" SPA CC activity direction includes providing necessary accessories and metal-roll goods for production facilities and enterprises.  We can offer the following metal-roll goods:


    Wire products:

    •    Welding high-alloy wire (stainless) GOST 2246-70; 
    •    Electrodes  for high-alloy steel and alloys  welding
    •    Electrodes for cast-iron welding

    Nonferrous metal-roll:

    •    Wire, plates, disks (aluminum, titanium etc.)

    Ferrous metal-roll:

    •    Armature   GOST 5781
    •    Angle  from # 32  up to # 75

    Our production is delivered to the following enterprises:

    •    Chemical and oil-and-gas industry;
    •    Power and nuclear industry;
    •    Defense industry;
    •    Food and medical industry;
    •    Machine building industry;
    •   Tractor plants and metallurgical production.  


         Our company is constantly improving technologies of work with customers, mastering new metallurgical production market segments, widening a list of proposed production and service.  We provide a wide range of metal-roll goods, wire products and electrodes; optimal choice of necessary materials with highly-qualified personnel support.    
           Work efficiency, openness   and flexible approach of work with the customers are our key work features.



         We have the following partners among huge Russian enterprises:  

    “Chelyabinsk Tube-Rolling Mill” ОАО (Chelyabinsk), “Shadrinsk Auto Aggregate Plant”, ОАО (Shadrinsk),  “LANTAN”, OOO (Novovoronezh),  «Edkor-Metiz» OOO (Izhevsk), «Yekaterinburg Electrode Plant», ZAO (Yekaterinburg), «Kurganchimmash» OAO (Kurgan), «Ural Mechanical Plant», OOO (Zlatoust), «Welding Materials Plant», ZAO (Berezovsky), «URMF», OOO (Izhevsk), «STM Industry Company», OOO (Moscow),  «Special Alloys Metallurgy», ZAO (Moscow) and other Russian industrial enterprises.

         If you are interested in our products - we are open to mutual cooperation.